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Oligofeed, winner of the BPI France i-Lab competition

Oligofeed, the start-up serving bees, created by Sébastien Floquet and Aneta Ozieranska, stands out in the i-Lab 2023 innovation competition.

Co-founders of Oligofeed, Sébastien Floquet, teacher-researcher chemist at the Lavoisier Institute in Versailles (ILV-UVSQ/CNRS) and Aneta Ozieranska, engineer formerly with CentraleSupélec and now CEO of Oligofeed, achieved new success during the 25th edition of the Bpifrance i-Lab competition.

Oligofeed, winner in the fields of Chemistry and environment
Oligofeed offers a food supplement for bees that strengthens their natural immunities, scientifically proven in the field directly from this pollinating insect. Global food security today faces a major problem: bees are disappearing. Excess mortality of bees is caused by several factors, the main ones being diseases and the parasite Varroa Destructor.
Beekeepers are the key players in this issue. Today they have few resources. Effective in combating bee diseases, the solutions available on the market are either toxic, too expensive or even ineffective. Oligofeed positions itself directly with the vision of saving bees and offers a food supplement that strengthens their immune system. It is a non-toxic, effective and accessible product for beekeepers. This unique value proposition is based on a patented innovation resulting from 8 years of academic research and on in-depth field studies (more than 1000 hives tested in 4 countries) the food supplement is based on an innovative molecule based on a trace element , molybdenum. The product is to be used for prevention on healthy colonies or those which are already weakened.
It has been shown to limit colony mortality, improve resistance to disease and increase honey and wax production.

Remember that the i-Lab innovation competition, which is part of the France 2030 plan and which is operated by Bpifrance, aims to detect projects for the creation of innovative technology companies and to support the best between them thanks to financial assistance and appropriate support.