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PhD Defenses / Habilitations

PhD defenses


Juan Fernando Ramirez Henao (MIM team), June 19, 2024
"Polyoxometalate-decorated gold nanostars for combinatorial cancer therapy"

Jonhatan Bachir (MIM team), April 4, 2024
"Design of bio-hybrid materials based on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Biological Entities"

Camille Banoun (SORG team), March 7, 2024
"New synthetic methods for the selective functionalization of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes"


Zeinab El Hajj (MIM team), December 19, 2023
"Synthesis and Characterization of New Hybrid Polyoxometalates for Photocatalytic and Biological Applications"

Marina Briand (SORG team), October 12, 2023
"γ-Perfluoroalkylation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds via photoredox catalysis"

Maxence Lion (MIM team), September 1, 2023
"{Mo2O2S2}-containing polyoxothiometalates : from supramolecular assemblies to visible light driven hydrogen evolution photocatalysis"

Fa Ibrahima Bamba (MIM team), June 6, 2023
"From Inorganic Condensation to Functionalized Hybrids: Structures, Electrochemical Properties and Supramolecular Reactivity of New Polyoxometalates Based on Vanadium"

Arnaud de Zordo (SORG team), May 10, 2023
"Preparation of perfluoroalkyl selenoethers by catalysis and then of selenoxides, selenones and selenoximines by oxidation"

Sa Yao (MIM team), March 10, 2023
"Design of smart materials: from primary interactions to supramolecular cyclodextrin-based polymers containing polyoxometalates"

Ali Saad (MIM team), March 8, 2023
"Design of flexible and nanostructured composites by combining Al3+MOFs and graphene oxide for adsorption applications"


 Manon Genet (SORG team), December 12, 2022
"Development of domino reactions toward the synthesis of complex polycyclic scaffolds"  

► Mai D. L. Vuong (MIM team), December 5, 2022
"Degradation mechanisms of nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems: the case of polymer conjugate and metal-organic framework"

► Thibaut Duhail (SORG team), May 11, 2022
"Perfluorinated hypervalent iodosulfoximines and benzodithiazoles syntheses: new perfluoroalkylation reagents"

► Melvin Raulin (SORG team), March 16, 2022
"Studies on azetidines, cyclooctynes ​​and organic cages"


Romain Plais (SORG team), December 7, 2021
"Anion-π Interaction and Hydrogen Bonding : a new tool for Molecular Recognition and Catalysis"

Patie Cendra Rakotoarimanana (EPI team), November 16, 2021
"Nanoscale surface engineering of polyphosphazene films as a passivation support on indium phosphide"

Mathis Duguet (MIM team), July 9, 2021
" Porous composite materials for CO2 conversion: synthesis, characterization, modelization"

► Amine Lakhdari (EPI team), April 15, 2021
"Control of the electrodeposition of nanometric layers of copper and cobalt for the metallization of interconnections in micoelectronics" 

Somia Tomane (MIM team), March 15, 2021
"Synthesis and characterization of polyoxometalates/gold nanoparticles composites for biomedical applications"


Safa Azzouni (SORG team),  December 18, 2020.
"Contribution to the synthesis of new phosphorous heterocycles"

Jad Rabah (SORG team), December 14, 2020.
"Bodipy-[60]Fullerene-based donor acceptor systems for organic electronics: synthesis, characterization, and surface modification"

Marina Thierry (SORG team), December 4, 2020.
"New bio-sourced antioxidant: eco-compatible synthesis, efficiency, synergies and mechanisms"

Yohan Martinetto (MIM/SORG teams), October 21, 2020.
« Development of new ionic liquids based on polyoxometalates as oxidation catalysts applied to the valorization of biomass».

Jean-Claude Meledje (EPI team), September 16, 2020
"Electrochemical Behaviors of InP (III-V) Semiconductor covered with a Phosphazene Thin Film in an Aqueous Medium"

Tanguy Jousselin-Oba (SORG team), June 18, 2020
"New organic semiconductors for optoelectronic applications"

Cécile Molto (EPI team), June 4, 2020
"Understanding of the reaction mechanisms of electrochemical metallization processes used for designing photovoltaic cells silicon"


Arcadie Fuior (MIM team), December 17, 2019 
"Synthesis and characterization of coordination complexes based on [Mo2O2E2]2+ (E = O or S) for biological applications"

Anne-Laure Barthelemy (SORG team), December 3, 2019
"Synthesis of highly functionalized perfluorinated sulfoximines and sulfilimino iminiums. Study of their application in reactions of perfluoroalkylation by photoredox catalysis"

Benjamin Large (SORG team),  November 14, 2019
"Selective activation of naphthalenes and synthesis of extended polycyclic architectures"

Kevin Dedecker (MIM team), March 25, 2019
"Multifunctional Hybrid Materials for the Capture and Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds: Application to Preventive Conservation of Heritage Objects"

Effrosyni Gkaniatsou (MIM team), January 25, 2019
"Development of new enzymatic immobilization matrices based on Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for the catalytic degradation of environmental pollutants"


Anne-Sophie Marques (SORG team), December 20, 2018
"Development of new domino reactions initiated by iso-Nazarov cyclization for the synthesis of polycyclic compounds"

Amandine Boulmier (MIM team),  November 5, 2018 
"Synthesis of hybrid polyoxometalates and study of their biological and optical properties"


HDR defenses

Damien Aureau (EPI team), December 3, 2021
"Reactivity of surfaces for functionalization"

Muriel Bouttemy (EPI team), May 5, 2021
"Metrology and methodology of physicochemical analysis of surfaces, interfaces, thin films and nanostructures"

Elsa Anselmi (SORG team), January 7, 2021
"Synthesis of fluorinated molecules"

Guillaume Dagousset (SORG team), December 9, 2020
"New developments in photoredox catalysis"

Bruce Pegot (SORG team), July 2, 2019
"Fluor and ionic liquids"