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Our team

The MIM team, lead by Prof. Emmanuel Cadot, has currently 19 permanent senior scientists and ~ 20 young scientists (PhD students, Postdocs and trainees).

Associate professors / Professors:

Emmanuel Cadot (Professor), Eddy Dumas (Associate professor), Sébastien Floquet (Associate professor), Isabelle Gérard (Associate professor), Marc Lepeltier (Associate professor), Carine Livage (Associate professor), Charlotte Martineau-Corcos (Associate professor), Pierre Mialane (Professor), Olivier Oms (Associate professor), Catherine Roch (Associate professor), Clémence Sicard (Associate professor), Corine Simonnet (Associate professor), Nathalie Steunou (Professor), Anne Vallée (Associate professor)

CNRS researchers:

Anne Dolbecq (Director of research), Clément Falaise (Researcher), Nathalie Guillou (Researcher), Mohamed Haouas (Researcher) 

Research engineer:

Nathalie Leclerc

PhD students :

Fa Ibrahima Bamba, Youven Benseghir, Diana Cebotari, Mathis Duguet, Zeinab El Hajj, Clara Hairie, Maxence Lion, Yohan Martinetto,  Ali Saad, Alexandra Shmakova, Somia Tomane, Dang Le Mai Vuong, Sa Yao

Postdoctoral students:

Subharanjan Biswas, Arcadie Fuior, Priyanka Gairola, Soumaya Khlifi, Srinivasulu Parshamoni, Lucie Rivier, Tesnim Chaieb (ATER), Abdelwaheb Dhahri (ATER), Benhui Fan (ATER)

Affiliated researcher:

Caroline Mellot-Draznieks (Director of research; CNRS Collège de France, Paris)

Research areas

The activity of the MIM team merges various expertises from the synthesis of new inorganic molecules or materials to the deep studies of their properties using specific methods (NMR spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction...).  Three axis are developped :

- Molecules@MIM

- Interactions@MIM

- Materials@MIM

The MIM team collaborates with numerous research teams across the world.