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Presentation of the Institute

The Institut Lavoisier de Versailles (UMR 8180 CNRS-UVSQ) gathers all UVSQ chemists (more than 50 permanent staff including about 1/3 CNRS staff) in a building and two annexes, all located on the site of UFR des sciences .

ILV is characterized by its multidisciplinarity, exploring diverse themes, ranging from molecular or porous materials, to synthetic organic chemistry, via interfacial electrochemistry. Three key words characterize the thematics developed at ILV: Synthesis (organic, porous materials, molecular inorganic materials ...), Properties (biological, catalytic ...) and Analysis. Regarding this last point, ILV has developed a particular know-how in specific fields of analysis, such as crystallography, surface analysis, and solid-state NMR, this in close collaboration with the synthesis or electrochemistry researchers. The laboratory belongs to the sections 12, 14 and 15 of the CNRS, and sections 32 and 33 of the CNU.

ILV is structured into three research groups, MIM, EPI and SORG, associated with common technical platforms bringing together analytical techniques such as NMR, X-ray diffractometry, and high resolution mass. A surface analysis center (CEFS2) connected to the EPI research group, as well as a management center, complete its organization chart.

The thematics developed by the three research groups and the presentation of the technical platforms are accessible below:

ILV contributes to the Graduate School Chemistry of Université Paris-Saclay. ILV is also associated to IPVF (Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile de France),  which aims to become one of the world's leading centers of research, innovation and training in the field of solar energy.

ILV is a Restrictive Regime Zone (ZRR) since the end of 2022.

Management team

The management team consists of a director, Emmanuel Magnier, and a deputy director, Anne Dolbecq, assisted by an administrator, Lise Michelot.
The management team relies on the decision-making of a management committee made up of representatives of each team and a laboratory board.

General Informations

UMR code UMR 8180
Connecting component: UFR des sciences
Doctoral schools : Molécules, Matériaux, Instrumentation et Biosystèmes (2MIB) ; Interfaces
Scientific department: Chemistry
Disciplinary sector : Organic and inorganic chemistry, chemistry of materials



gestion-ilv@uvsq.fr, 01 39 25 43 57


Localisation of ILV on the campus