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Research areas

 Research activities in the EPI team relies on three particular domains intented for the fundamental aspects governing the semiconductor/electrolyte interaces.


These research activities are related to the fields of energy (PV) and opto and microelectronics. The group relies on the Center for Studies and Training in Electron Spectroscopy (CEFS2) and a desire for openness, academic and industrial collaborations and a partnership with IPVF. The center also has a training activity both at university and professional level (training, summer school, elspec) .

Group Members

EPI team has currently 7 permanent senior scientists, 2 post-docs, 4 PhD student and trainees
Anne-Marie Gonçalves (Associate Professor, Team leader), Nathalie Simon (Professor); Arnaud Etcheberry (Director of Research), Jackie Vigneron (Research engineer), Muriel Bouttemy (Research engineer)), Damien Aureau (researcher), Mathieu Frégnaux (Research engineer))
Yoan Bourlier (Post-Doc Charmmmat) Solène Béchu (Post-Doc IPVF)
Cendra Patie Rakotoarimanana (PhD student ANR EPINAL), Amine Lakhdari (PhD student Aveni), Cécile Molto (PhD Student EDF ), Jean-Claude Meledje (PhD student Université Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Abidjan, Ivory Coast )