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Collaborations at EPI

The EPI team collaborates nationally and internationally. These collaborations with research groups can take different forms. The team participates in academic collaborations and also has  strong partnerships established over several years. The researchers are also strongly involved in training.


  • Condensed Matter : GEMAC (UMR 8635 CNRS-UVSQ), PMC (UMR 7336 CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Patrimony : LIMBE/LAPA (UMR 3685 CNRS-CEA) C2RMF ( UMR 173 CNRS-Laboratoire de recherche des Musées de France), CRCC (USR 3224 CNRS-Ministère de la Culture)
  • Micro/Optoelectronic & Nanotechnology : C2N (UMR 9001 CNRS-Université Paris Sud) CEA-LETI.
  • Chimistry et Electrochimistry: LISE (UMR 8235 CNRS-UPMC)
  • Diamond: GEMAC (UMR 8635 CNRS-UVSQ) CEA-LIST 
  • PV & Energy Storage: UMR 9003 IPVF, ICube (UMR 7357 CNRS-Université de Strasbourg), RCAST Tokyo, LIST Luxembourg, UCC Cork

Industrial Research and Innovation

  • Sofradir, NXP Semiconductors
  • Aveni, Thalès, III-V Lab, UMS
  • Total, Air liquide, EDF, Safran
  • Saint Gobain, Leoni, Egide, Valeo
  • Surys


  • University Education in Paris Saclay
  • Professional CNRS formation (cnrsformation.fr)
  • XPS for micro/opto-electronic, chemistry of surfaces andinterfaces 
  • Training conferences: JNPV, Elspec


  • IPVF: I project Leader "Advanced Characterizations"
  • KMG: Common lab (→ 2018)
  • SOFRADIR: Industrial PhD
  • EDF: Industrial PhD
  • Aveni: Industrial PhD