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Research Teams

The ILV Institute is structured in three research teams:

- Organic Synthesis, SORG team  (22 senior scientists; team leader: E. Magnier). This team brings together all the organic chemists of our institute. The SORG team develops mainly five research axis: 1) Catalytic and organocatalytic processes, 2) Fluorine compounds, 3) Heterocycles, 4) Molecular materials: from design to applications and 5) Valorization of natural products and industrial applications.

- Molecules, Interactions, Materials, MIM team (19 senior scientists; team leader: E. Cadot). The MIM team organizes its activity in three poles: Molecular Hybrid Systems (named Molecules@MIM), Crystalline Hybrid Materials & Nano-Composites (named Materials@MIM), and Solid X-Ray and X-Ray Diffraction Methodologies (named Interactions@MIM), which interact closely together.

- Electrochemistry and Physical-chemistry at the Interfaces, EPI team (7 senior scientists; team leader: A. M. Goncalves). This team combines a fundamental know-how in electrochemistry including original themes (electrochemistry in liquid ammonia, functionalization and passivation of surfaces...), with an expertise in surface analysis. For this, the group manages a center of surface analysis (CEFS2) which is particularly well-equiped (MEB, 4 XPS, a NANO-AUGER probe). Thank to this platform, the EPI team is in strong interaction with the industrial world in particular in the field of semiconductors and photovoltaics.