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Valorisation of natural products and industrial applications

Permanent members

Régis Goumont (Professor)
Sylvain Marque (Associate Professor)
Dominique Vichard (Associate Professor)

PhD Students/Postdocs

Vincent Carpentier (PhD student)
Kelvin Meza Casamayor (PhD student)

Main themes

Demethylation and depolymerisation of lignin

(Collaboration with INRA, Versailles)

Synthesis of new multi-functional anti-oxidants

(Collaboration with Symrise)

New anti-oxidants by an eco-compatible procedure

(Collaboration with International Flavors and Fragrances IFF)

Development of flavor agents and encapsulation of flavors by extrusion

(Collaboration with Expressions Aromatiques)

• Development of natural substances by methods approaching organic synthesis but compatible with the description « natural » following regulation CE 1334/2008 relating to flavours.
• Scale-up of equipment for industrial production of these products.
• Molecular approach to the encapsulation of flavours by dual extrusion.
• Thermo-resistance studies of flavours.
• Development of products with glass transition temperatures greater than 40°C.

Versailles-Sciences Lab platform

  • Partnership with Nez Editions

« Les Matières premières – Les Synthétiques » in « Le Grand Livre du parfum » ouvrage collectif, octobre 2018

« Dialogue entre une artiste et un chimiste » in « Voici des feuilles, des fleurs, des fauves et des oiseaux - Une monographie de Julie C. Fortier » ouvrage collectif, juillet 2020
  • Collaboration with the Osmothèque, Versailles

Synthesis of nitro-musks

  • Extraction by supercritical CO2 
(collaboration with the TPE Bouture.com)
Extraction of oils rich in omega-3, with variable tocopherol levels, from the seeds of tree peonies.