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Name and description of the technique:
The TGA technique, or Gravimetric Thermal Analysis, consists of measuring very precisely the variations in mass of a sample during heat treatment under a controlled atmosphere (dinitrogen, dioxygen). This device is coupled to a DSC, “Differential Scanning Calorimetry”, which makes it possible to measure the heat flows exchanged with the external environment during each transformation or degradation during the thermal cycle.

Equipement(s) :
  DCS-Metler Toledo

Type of materials/samples studied:
All solid materials or gels. Sample mass from 5 mg to 25 mg and volume from 20 L to 60 L.

Technology(s) used:
Precision balance, heat flow measurement

Temperature from 25 to 700°C

Measurement of % mass loss during heating of a material, analysis of the degradation process (desolvation, organic combustion).

Responsible person(s) to contact:
Nathalie Leclerc - Carine Livage
Keywords: mass loss, heat flow