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  PASTEL Plateform - HPLC
Name and description of the technique:
The platform's HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) service allows you to separate and quantify compounds mixed in solution.

HPLC 600 controller chain coupled to a 2489 UV detector (WATERS) PU-2080/2086 HPLC chain coupled to a 2077-plus UV detector (JASCO)

Type of materials/samples studied:
Compounds in solution in aqueous or organic solvents

Technology(s) used:
Normal phase, reversed phase chromatography

Specificities :
UV detection (2 to 4 simultaneous wavelengths)

Separation and quantification of mixed compounds Chiral separation and enantiomeric excess measurements

Responsible person(s) to contact:
Aurélie Damond

Keywords: chromatography, HPLC, chiral, reversed phase, normal phase, C18, enantiomers, quantification