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Training in XPS and (nano)-Auger spectroscopy

Members of the EPI team regularly offer training in XPS and (nano)-Auger spectroscopies for academic staff, industrialists (CNRS Enterprise Training) and doctoral students via the Photoemission Spectroscopies Research Federation (link).
To find out more about upcoming training activities, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Bouttemy.


 The ILV is backed by the Paris-Saclay accredited Master of Chemistry. Part of the applied research activities within the ILV (SORG group) concerns the perfumery, cosmetics and food flavoring sectors. It was initiated by the involvement of members of the ILV in the management and teaching of professional training linked to the socio-economic fabric of the local and national territory, in these three themes, and in partnership with two specialized schools : ISIPCA (International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Flavors) and ESPC (Higher School of Perfume and Cosmetics). Four diplomas, carried by the UVSQ, are thus under the responsibility of teacher-researchers from the ILV:
1. a professional degree, Chemistry and Formulation, entitled “Applications, Analyzes and Naturalness” including two courses (Cosmetics course, and Aromas/Perfumes course), directed by Dominique Vichard and Anne-Marie Goncalves.
2. a Master’s degree in Chemistry and life sciences, “Natural raw materials in cosmetics” (MPNC) course, co-directed by Bruce Pegot (Chemistry department) and Sébastien Gaumer (Biology department).
3. a Master's degree in Chemistry and life sciences, course "Formulation, sensory evaluation and analysis of the perfumery, cosmetics and food aromatics industries" (FESAPCA), led by Christine Thomassigny (coordination and manager of the Aromas option) , Olivier David (Perfumes option manager) and Régis Goumont (Cosmetics option manager).
4. a Master’s level University Diploma entitled “European Fragrance and Cosmetics Master” (EFCM), directed by Dominique Vichard and Anne-Marie Goncalves.