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Group members

 The Sorg group, headed by Emmanuel Magnier, has 22 permanent staff members. Around 15 doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and pre-doctoral students complete the team. 

Associate Professors / Professors

Emmanuel Allard (Associate Professor), Elsa Anselmi (Associate Professor), Olivier David (Associate Professor), Patrick Diter (Associate Professor), Bruno Drouillat (Associate Professor), Hélène Fensterbank (Associate Professor), Anne Gaucher (Associate Professor), Régis Goumont (Professor), Christine Greck (Professor), Chantal Larpent (Professor), Sylvain Marque  (Associate Professor), Xavier Moreau (Associate Professor), Laurence Menguy (Associate Professor), Bruce Pégot (Associate Professor), Damien Prim (Professor), Christine Thomassigny (Associate Professor), Dominique Vichard (Associate Professor)

CNRS Researchers

Guillaume Dagousset (Researcher), Michel Frigoli (Researcher), Emmanuel Magnier (Director of Research), Karen Wright (Researcher).

PhD students / postdocs

Safa Azouni (PhD student), Anne-Laure Barthelemy (PhD student), Thibaut Duhail (PhD student), Tanguy Jousselin (PhD student), Benjamin Large (PhD student), Yohann Martinetto (PhD student), Romain Plais (PhD student), Jad Rabah (PhD student), Melvin Raulin (PhD student), Marina Thierry (PhD student). 

Research areas

The SORG group’s scientific activities are based around four themes, with strong interactions between areas and without any formal separation. Some research topics fall only within one theme, while others participate in the development of several areas, particularly those in the fifth, transversal axis. Five themes are being explored:
 - Catalytic and organocatalytic processes
- Fluorinated compounds
- Heterocycles
- Molecular materials: conception, design and applications
- Valorisation of natural products and industrial applications